Life Is Not Fair

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Fairness is a social principle that we teach our children. “Treat people fairly,” we say. And we really mean it. The children will invariably learn that life is not fair despite of our desire to the contrary.

Take basketball for instance, taller is better; or fashion, beauty is preferred; how about wealth, more is desired. Life is not fair. So what is the point? You ask.

Just because life is not fair does not mean we need to acquiesce to it or make it worse. Heavens no. Take the life as it is and make the most of it. If you can bring some fairness to it by all means, do it.

Other thoughts?

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2 Responses to Life Is Not Fair

  1. You make some solid and thoughtful points here. It really is a tedious and sometimes fruitless lesson we attempt to teach our children, and they cling to the concept for as long as they can until their sweet, questioning, upturned little faces hear us utter at last, “Uhh .. yeah, life isn’t always fair. That part sucks. Gotta deal with it.”
    We fumble to explain the larger scope of being human and living in our world. Experience is our most truthful teacher.
    A lovely post. Cheers!


  2. terryshen says:

    Thanks Shelley for your comments.

    The higher level, or larger scope as you phrased it, of human actions are difficult to articulate not only to children but sometime to ourselves. Nevertheless they are important lessons. We can only hope one day that our experience will reveal the truth to each of us.



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