Valentines Day was only a few days  ago.  A day that shall live in infamy, again! You see, when it comes to lavishing others with my feeling I might as well be a door knob. Not saying that I don’t have any feelings, just that I am dumb in articulating them.

Customarily, my expression is that I am not a touchy feel-y person.  But in reality,  my vocabularies are shallow with affirmation words.  “Good job” and “thank you” cover 90 percent of my usage. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter how sincerely I say them, they can only be repeated so many times before these words start to sound trite.

So what did I do for my Valentine? I copped out and got some roses for my wife.  Cop out?  Analogous to relying on Mr. Hallmark on saying Happy Birthday, I opted for the easy way out of giving her flowers.


Well, it is better than saying good job, right?



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