Another Day in the Winterland

Last night the temperature was in the low  end of single digits.  Can’t recall such low temperature even if I tried.  To make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I checked the temperatures elsewhere in the US.  And to my reassurance, I found other cities that were having their temperatures in the negatives.  I felt vindicated.

This morning people were making noises on the radio. The topic was about Washington DC close to making the coldest month EVER since weather data was recorded.  Two thoughts came to my mind immediately: (1) we are making history? and (2) what ever happened to Global Warming!?

As silly as this may sound, the arctic cold temperatures is, besides making the record book, keeping our streets nice and dry.  It reminds me the days when I used to live in upstate New York where the snowy Winter was always massive but clean and dry.  Everything covered by snow as in the postcards.  People went about their business matter of fact-ly.  Just another day in the winter land minus the hoopla.

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