City Slickers

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Think city folks are more sophisticated?  At least when it comes to fashion.

In a recent visit to the Big Apple, I catch my wife staring at people’s shoes while traversing down the Avenue of Americas.  Sure enough, other than me, the number of people wearing sneakers may be one in an hundred or maybe one in a thousands. Just about everyone is wearing nice shoes, fashionable boots, and not comfy sneakers like mine.

Further my wife points out to me that New Yorkers dress up for the Broadway Shows.  No one is in the casual sport attires like what I was wearing.  Wool coat with scarf for men, dark dressy outfits for ladies.  Standard affair.  Not to embarrass our hometown, we detour to Macy’s for a little acquisitions (so I don’t stand out like a country bumpkins).

Personally, I would prefer sneakers over ugly (UGG) boots, sweat pants over John Varvatos jeans.  Not to mention the sticker shock I get realizing how much premium price these merchandises command.  I guess that I just don’t understand why the price tags should drive value.  Sorry, no UGG boots nor the fancy jeans for me.

But what do I know.  I am just a country bumpkins.

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