I Am No Whiner!

Not going to whine about the nasty weather that gave us the coldest February in US history and continued its streak of cold spills.  It is winter after all.  And folks on the other hemisphere probably don’t care.  Sydney Australia is having sunny 80 degree day for example.

Not going to whine about the deadbeat Congress that can’t pass the Homeland Security budget to save ourselves.  The US Congress has not been able to pass a budget on time in 14 years and has only made it 4 times since 1952.  Meeting its Constitutional responsibilities has become an exception rather than the norm.

Not going to whine about any of these not because my new year resolution includes PMA (positive mental attitude).  Not whining because this is the best of time, and America is the best place to call home.  Freedom reigns. Transportation Security Agency checks every airline passenger.  Is it perfect?  No.  But who is perfect anyway.

Perfection is for whiners.  And I am no whiner!


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