My Idol Runners

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You see them on the road from time to time. Runners, solo most of the time, running alone the side of the roads.  No rain, snow, or scorching heat can stop them.  They are what I called dedicated runners and my idol runners.

Their action may be idiotic to some.  After all, who in their right mind would against the comfort of indoor, brave the elements, and be out there running when the temperature is below freezing? What motivation pushes them to do such thing?

I can relate.  On occasion, I too run in cold or miserable weather conditions. The feeling after the run is triumphant,  sort of like Man versus Nature.  Just knowing I can beat the Mother Nature is a great sense of pride.

But during off season I become “soft.”  I stay on the sideline, cave to the weather, and catch myself idolizing these runners on the road.  In one sense, I wish it was me who is out there running.   The discipline, the rewarding feeling after wards are tempting.

Who knows I may jump into a pair of running shoes and join them.

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