Snow Report

Following up to yesterday’s post, yes we definitely got snowed.  In fact, 9.5 inches of snow where I live. This maybe a new record. Needless to say the fresh powdery snow blanketed the entire neighborhood, along with it, a sense of serenity.

The white cover that drapes over trees, houses, cars, paints a clean impression.  I am content staying at home and enjoying this beautiful scenery. With the daylight savings just around the corner, there may be little opportunities left for snow.

Others may feel differently, especially those who ventured out.  From the news, there are many disabled vehicles, accidents, and road closures in the region. And with the temperature remaining below freezing, it will take some time for the area to thaw.

A concluding thought from Eckhart Tolle is that everything has limits.  To think otherwise is out of touch with the present moment.

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