Mind-Body Connection

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Mind-body connection has always been a fascinating subject for me.  Mind or body, by themselves, is remarkable enough. Tons of literature on them exist and scientific evidences abound.  Combining the two you have my object of fascination.

At the risk of sounding obvious (or maybe not so obvious), Mind-Body Connection is omnipresent.  It is in our everyday activities like walking, talking, writing, eating, etc.  But surprisingly most people divorce the two as if they are the dueling couples.  Terms like mindless activities, mind tripping out, autopilot are telltale signs of how pervasive people maintain this divorce of the two.

For me, the Mind-Body Connection is present most noticeably when I meditate; and from there it extends out to yoga, blogging, and running.  When meditating, I tame my mind by directing it on my breath.  Not to control the breathing but channeling my mind’s energy to following my breath.  In and out, the breath becomes shallow and undetectable as the meditation progresses.  And the mind becomes calm.  The breath serves my Mind-Body Connection.

At the next activity level from meditation is yoga.  Throughout the various poses, I am mindful of my breath.  Ultimately, the breath flows and the mind follows.  What I enjoyed is bringing both my mind and body to the confine of the yoga mat, leaving the world’s problems aside.  The Mind-Body Connection gets exercised all the way down to my toes.

Similarly, when I blog, my fingers fly on the keyboards trying to keep up with what is coming up in my mind.  Occasionally my fingers tap on the table when creativity is absent.  In any event, the typed words is my Mind-Body Connection.  Next, on the most energetic level of this Connection is running.

On many of my long runs, while the body is moving and sweating, I encounter opportunities for my mind to be the caring coach, monitoring and encouraging my body. The inner dialogue helps the body to achieve an otherwise difficult task of running a marathon.  The mind and body are in constant partnership, and I get to experience that connection first hand.

Of course, you don’t have to be a marathoner or yogi to experience the Mind-Body Connection.  There are ample opportunities in our every day life for the encounter.  The key is to be mindful of such connection.   Otherwise, the adage, use or lose, applies.

Mind-body connection is lost due to lack of practices.  Isn’t it a familiar saying, “I used to be able to (fill in your blank)?”  The science of Mind-Body Connection escapes me.  But I believe through mindful practice the Connection can be strengthened and improved.

Want to give it a try?

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2 Responses to Mind-Body Connection

  1. So happy to have found your post today! The mind body connection is a topic I love to explore — both in reading and in experiencing. Being a yogi for so many years is what’s kicked it in for me…I’m so aware of it (the connection) that when it’s not happening…I notice it (the disconnection) even more. I work on the mind body connection in pretty much all of my exercise routines…it’s the “off the mat” experience that requires the most practice for me.


    • terryshen says:

      Speaking like a true yogi, Elysha. Off the mat is when the mind- body becomes more susceptible to disconnect. Mindful presence is like carrying your own weather around. Great if you can do it. Good luck and keep practicing.


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