Practice, Practice, Practice

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Knowing-doing gap exists because people mistaken knowing with doing.  Just because I know how a car is designed does not mean I can design one. Knowledge without practice (i.e. doing) remains as information only or book knowledge.

So translating that knowledge into skills requires practice.  Lots of practice in fact.  Why? Because practice helps one internalizing the information and acquiring the necessary skills.  Through repetition and conditioning, one develops the muscle memory, second nature, or ritual, that is a key part of the mind-body connection.

Further, practice integrates the skills into our own repertoires and make them part of our ready delivery capabilities.  It separates the professional performance from the amateur’s and the winners from the wanna be’s.

In summary, there is no substitute for practice.  It is a necessary step in making any skill functional and useful.   Shall I say it again?  Practice!

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One Response to Practice, Practice, Practice

  1. I fully subscribe to the mind over matter mentality, but I also believe that the body knows best so when an action or idea is processed through the body, it’s fully integrated. And this has a deeper impact than the mind has on its own. So I say a big yes to the practice!


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