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“Finality of Life brings focus to the present moment” is a saying I picked up somewhere alone the way.  The logic being if everyday is a party and every meal is a banquet, there would be no end to the celebration.  And by extension, no meaning.

In his article titled, Reaching the present moment means coming to terms with death, Steve Fehl argues that to help others dealing with the end of life effectively, psychologists need to first come to terms with death themselves.  I find a great similarity in running marathon.  Insofar as a marathoner must come to terms with with the pains of going that distance.

Thankfully there is a finish line in all marathons.  It helps the marathoners to set their goals and train for completing that distance in the desired time. Dealing with pain is part of the preparations.

By the same token, death in life is like the finish line in marathons.  It helps to recognize this fact (as Fehl suggested in his article), so one is able to plan, prepare, and prosecute to the end objective.  Running away from the finish line (or death) is pointless.


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2 Responses to Coming To Terms With Death

  1. Eun says:

    Terry, how Ironic that you wrote this the day before we would let go of a friend to death.


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