Clear Thinking Enables Clear Communication

Like most people, I enjoy reading things that are written cleverly.  Whether it’s the subject selection that struck a cord with me or the word choice by the author that matched my values, clever writings grab my attention.

I learn a lot from reading them.  They are my mental energy food that sustain my intellectual curiosity and development.  One example of such pieces is from my former boss, CAPT Henry Stevens. who has a knack for clever writing.

A saying from CAPT Stevens that stuck with me was, “clear thinking enables clear communication, which is crucial for influencing others.”  CAPT Stevens’ writings were always thoughtful and carefully worded to maximize the intended effect.  He was able to do so because the clear thinking behind the writing.

So, beyond topic selection, word choice, sound logic, or profound insight, clear thinking is a crucial part of the pre-writing process.  When done right, all the pieces fit like a good wine that is satisfying and savoring to my mind’s eyes.

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