Paying Attention

It is no secret that life is short.  Arguably how short is short?  It is relative, but we all can agree that life lasts not forever.

Guess what?  Life can be even shorter if you allow it.  I don’t mean “if you allow it” as in suicide where one deliberately chooses to end it. What I meant is “if you allow it” as in if you don’t pay attention.

For instance, if you don’t pay attention about your health.  Eating junk foods, kicking exercises to the curb, living lavishly as if there is no tomorrow can ruin your health certainly.  Same as drunk driving or even drowsy driving.  But there are other “not paying attention” that are more subtle but rob our life just as much if not more.

Not paying attention to your mood or surrounding is a case in point.  Seeing people texting while walking (or driving)?  Yes, texting while walking, driving, or both is illegal in certain places.  But do we need legislation to tell us what to pay attention to?  Of course not.  The fact there are laws as such, maybe it is because of people not paying attention when they should.

Rise and shine and smell the roses are adages of reminder that we need to pay attention to ourselves and our surroundings.  Our ancestors did it for survival (i.e. they get food or be somebody else’s food).  Now that we have come down from the trees, these basic instincts have long been replaced by human inventions.  Or dare I say human distractions?

Now, I am not suggesting we be paranoiac about everything that is going on inside and outside of our bodies.  Or we should go back to the cave or back onto the trees.  No, no, no. All I am suggesting is paying attention to what is important (not what others say is important). What is important to you?

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a moment that texting is important to you. Um. . . That is how you monitor you mood, through your social networks and number of likes you get perhaps; and your surroundings through the global position system. Understandably  this is common now-a-day.  That is okay.  And if you died trying no one would fault you (as long as you don’t take others with you).

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