Things that I Wish I Could

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Never the one lounges around and fantasizes, time to break with tradition and indulge a few things I wish I could:

Run the Boston Marathon under three hours – Boston Marathon is the mecca for marathoners world over.   Many folks train countless miles with the single focus of qualifying for the honor of running the Boston Marathon.  So finishing the race under three hours will not only give me the bragging right, it will also let me find out if the foods at the finish is better for the elite runners.

Speak Spanish – I don’t mean the Chipotle level proficiency but actually converse in Spanish. The language is interesting and no question gaining popularity.   In an off chance that I run for an elected office, speaking Spanish will help my reaching out to the fastest growing population is U.S. and opportunity for sampling more burritos along the way.

Say goodbye gracefully – Every story has an end.  So is every book.  Nice endings one would hope.  But saying goodbye is not my strong suit.  This is particularly acute in more acquainted circumstances.  With vested emotion, I look for the nearest exist or stay to the very end.  Don’t ask me why.  But neither feels satisfying.  Rather, I wish I could say goodbye gracefully like an ideal ending to an otherwise perfect engagement.

Anything that you wish you could?

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One Response to Things that I Wish I Could

  1. TheIisLonglikeY says:

    Go on an adventure to somewhere I’ve never been before!


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