Getting Into Practice

Today is April 1.  Temptation is to write something clever, a disguised April Fools Day prank if you will.  Instead of doing that, I will acknowledge the occasion then proceed with today’s topic.

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Happy April Fools!

Okay, on with today’s post.  Definition of “practice”  is to do something constantly and repeatedly as part of your life so you can be better at it (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Ever since my retirement in January, my transition has been smooth.  Can’t say I have the retirement thing down to a science.  But certainly I am getting better at this new chapter of my life.

The key distinction is I get to work on things that are important to me.  Like running, mediation, etc.  If I have to pick one thing that I do constantly and repeatedly, it has to be getting plenty of rest.  By that, I mean quality sleep absent of an alarm clock waiting for me at the other end.

Whenever friends or relatives ask me, with bated breath, “what do you do every day?”  I understand their curiosity.  But I also know that trying to explain my practice to them may be a lose-lose proposition.  So I just smile ear to ear and continue getting into practice.

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