In The City

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“The spaces we inhabit have an influence on our mood, our behavior, and even the way we move and interact with others.”  The quote is from the Wordpost ‘s Writing 101 on Setting.

I couldn’t help but be reminded by this quote as I am visiting a city and will be here for a few weeks.  My mood is bit more scattered than normal.  There are traffic noises all around me.  Like the waves by the beach except the noises are from the traffics in the city centre which is just a few blocks away.

The trade-off to the noise is the convenient of having everything nearby.  Whatever I need.  Shops, convenient stores, restaurants, etc. are located within a block or two.  It is a poster child of the saying that money buys convenience.  And I can see why people here want to work hard to make money and their life more convenient.

Although not a county bumpkin, I try to be friendly to the folks I met.  After-all I am the one who is visiting.  Usually, the responses I get are polite but more formal than I am used to.  Curious to see how much influence the city will have on me by the end of my visit.   If I will become a city slicker even by little.

Stay tune.

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