In The City Part 2 (Too Close For Comfort)

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City folks are different.  Not that they have three legs or four toes that kind of the differences, but more of the behavioral kind of differences that I notice.

As mentioned, I am visiting a city.  Therefore many opportunities exist for my close encounters of  the third kind and continued schooling on these differences.

Yesterday, I went to a vegetarian restaurant for its lunch buffet.  The food was delicious and the place was crowded.  No issue there.  After all I knew why people were there.  I did not even mind to  share a table with others to get a seat.

Seating next to strangers for lunch is no big deal, only atypical for me.  The person next me was completely at ease.  She was eating, busy checking out her smartphone for the latest whatever, and totally impervious to my presence.  Any polite chit-chat, small talk or whatnot were absolutely unnecessary.

Thus far I had the following observations:

  • close encounters are common in the city
  • encounters tend to be superficial
  • people mind their own business

The education continues.

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