To Accept Or Not?

Some people throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want or when things not going their way.

I say “people” instead of “children” because adults are not immune from losing their temper.  And usually the consequences are worse when it happens with adults.  Because adults carry deeper emotional scars/ pain.

But the truth is that throwing a fit does not work.  It only exacerbates the negative energy for all involved.  It is a classic case of lose-lose.  A better alternative for both the thrower and throwee of the tamper tantrum maybe accepting what is factual and real.

Acceptance does not mean embracing, liking, but recognizing things for what they are. In the same vein, the acceptance does not negate change/ innovation.  In fact, acceptance opens the possibility for change. It channels one’s energy from resistance to possibility.

So next time before your emotion gets hijacked, remember that you have a choice to accept the life’s forces wherever it is going.  The outcome may just surprise you.



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