Managing Self

Don’t let anyone kid you.  Self management is an art.  Calling it a science would be off base and understating the complexity of human nature.  Human beings are unique, and no two individuals are the same.  Effort to replicating any  human behaviors is at best an approximate.

There are enlightened few such as the Budha, Dalai Lama, etc. who are revered because their deep understand about human nature.  Rest of us are destined to search for ways to manage our lives.

Having said that, attempts to control human behaviors by government entities and commercial ventures remain pretty much social experiment level. These controls in the forms of public policies or product designs have not always produced the desired outcomes. Look around and you will see what I meant.

So instead of relying on others to tell me what is best (for me), I prefer to manage myself.  Leveraging on what has been done, I decide what is best for me.  This way I am responsible for my destiny, and I am self directed versus otherwise.

Even if I fail, fail while daring greatly is better than other options.

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One Response to Managing Self

  1. Roosevelt said it well with Dare Greatly. Brene´Brown wrote a book with this title. And I think there’s a car commercial using the phrase now too.


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