Character Development In Social Media

Strangers, by definition, have no meaning to us.  Like a blank sheet of paper, we have no preconceived notions about them.  They are nameless and faceless.

Bit by bit through social media such as television, newspapers, or online blogs, we read about strangers, their stories, their family backgrounds, their professions, the puzzle gets assembled. We begin to form a mental picture of these once called strangers.

Depending on how the characters are portrait-ed, the puzzle begins to take on life and meanings.  It becomes real human story with emotions, characters, and circumstances. In short, people like you and me. The strangers become our idols, conversation pieces, etc.  We talk about them as if they are our best friends or sworn enemies.

How do these transformations happen?  They are done through the producers of information sources, writers, reporters, or photographers. Through their lens, pens, key strokes, the producers bring the characters to life.  As we grow closer to these characters, we develop a relationship with them.  Relating to their lives.  And over times becoming bonded with them.

To be continued.

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