In The City Part 3 (Modes of Transportation)

Comes with the noises,  a city has the convenience of various transportation options. Using the city I am visiting as an example, there are motorcycle, car, bus, taxi, subway/metro, rail, and high speed rail.

Each of these mode has its preferred users:

  • subway/metro – the preferred choice for working class, this is most reliable way to and from work, rain or shine.  Subway passengers seems always busy getting to their next destination
  • car and taxi – business class liked the flexibility and convenience of get up and go; especially with their tight schedules, added bonus of no worry about parking with the taxi
  • bus – the slowest mode of all, leisure class and elderly who are in no hurry are the favorite bus passengers
  • motorcycle – this is the oddest mode, it is used by all folks from all the above classes minus the elderly, it is quite a sight

Even with these options, walking is still by far the popular mode for city folks. Whether connecting between the different modes of transportation or just milling around, you can find people walking everywhere.

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