Technically Challenged

I don’t claim to be a geek or techie, but I generally can figure out what needed to get things working.  It may take me some time but with research and persistence, it usually works.

Recently, WordPress sent out a notice of new release and called it a “critical security release for all previous versions” and it “strongly encourage” users to update their sites immediately.  You would think it should be straight forward process for such critical update, right?

The answer is NO.  At least, not for me.

The security release stated, “Download WordPress 4.2.1 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and simply click “Update Now”. ” Neither worked for me:

  • First, I could not download the 4.2.1 because my chromebook is cloud based and it does not do zip file.
  • Second, I ventured over to my Dashboard.  And guess what?  There is no “Updates” or “Update Now” for me to click on.

After re-reading the security release, I realized that WordPress has already begun to roll out the 4.2.1 as an automatic background update, but only for sites that support it.  The link as I found out leads to a “Background Update Tester” and when I clicked on it, the tester is a zip file.

By this point, I decided to just trust the background update will happen automatically. Because I am simply not going to worry about it.

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