Against All Odds

Now-a-days with information technology at finger tips.  Instant messaging, text, or what have you, preparation seems to have all but fall by the wayside.  Who has time to waste on preparation?  It’s execution, execution, execution!

If that is your modus operandi, read on.

There is never enough information, at least not the kind you need.  Does not matter how sophisticated the software are, there is no way to plan out all the risks in any businesses.

Sure, one can claim to have risk management in place as a standard operating procedure.  But mark my words, there will be unanticipated risks.  Thing happens even for the most mundanes.

Preparation may sound old fashion.  It may even appear wasteful or inefficient in this tight budget environment.  But preparation is still the best defense against the unknown business risks.

Successful enterprises/ people do it.  Why shouldn’t you?

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