In The City Part 5 (Angry Birds)

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Birds chirping happily outside of my windows this morning.  This is something I noticed that was missing while I was visiting in the city.

Surely there are birds in the city.  Maybe not as many as they are in the suburb like where I live.  And they are certainly not as happy.  For one, there are less trees in the city.  And if the birds were chirping, their sounds would be swallowed by the traffics and other noises within the city.

Within the confine of the city, Mr. and Mrs. Bird would be concerned to raise their baby birds about the pollution generated from thousand of cars, buses, and people.  And of course, where to find worms to feed the babies.  Not sure if the Bird family would get fed up enough and move to visit their relatives in the country.

Or maybe they just suck it up.   Like most people.

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