May Flowers

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Beginning of May.  The chill air still carries with it the reminiscences of the cold winter passed. A jacket or vest is a safe bet when going outside in the morning and at night this time of the year. This of course is for the Washington DC area. Can’t speak for folks living in the Southern Hemisphere.

Seems not that long ago, my street and the neighborhood were blanketed by the snow.  Now those memories begin to fade as we welcome the Month of May. Birds and flowers are not discouraged by the morning coolness.  All happily part taking in this dance by the Mother Nature.

Alarmingly, I am eating a lot.  Feels like I am awaken from an hibernation, and the deep sleep has robbed me all my hard earned calories.  In reality, that is not the case.  Except the part of feeling hungry and constantly searching for food.  I better get ready to put on my running shoes and boogie out there.  But first another bite.




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2 Responses to May Flowers

  1. Austin says:

    I just went out on the porch to write, thinking it’s a warm sunny May day. It’s sunny and a May day, but not at all warm. Where’s this global warming we were promised?


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