Blogging Meditation

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I mentioned about I blog as meditation.  Truth be told that I would love to meditate everyday.  I don’t.  But I blog everyday.  The blogging meditation comes handy in recent days.

No matter what is filling my life, occupying my mind.  It is a reset moment when it comes time to blog.  I clear my mind, sweep the world’s problem aside, or if appropriate blog about some of these tenacious topics.

The simple act of sitting down, turning on my laptop, helps to calm my mind.  Just like the breath in meditation, each key stroke guides me through my journey inwards.  I feel as I type away, the surrounding gets quieter.  And in its place, my conscious.

During blogging meditation, I step back and observe whatever troubles me.  The tensions, drama, problems, hero and villains, anything and everything.  By bringing attention to the culprits, clarity is usually close at hand.

Of course, this could also be the side effects of the allergy medicine I took.  Either case, I feel better.

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