Books, Books, And More Books

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Never thought the day would come.  But I am at the point to feel I have too many books. Yes, too many books!

I have books on the self, on the floor in stacks, on my desk and nightstand.

Don’t get me wrong, I like books.  Or more specifically, I like what’s in the books, the content and ideas.  So much so, I have books that I have not even read, or started reading but not finished. As I acquire more books, I wonder if some of these books will ever be read.

That is when it down on me that I may be addicted to books, subconsciously equating book to knowledge, and erroneously believing the more books I have the more knowledgeable I am.

It is a mistake of identities between the symbol and the reality.  Or perhaps I should have been a librarian.

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