My Two Minutes of Attention

Everyone likes a little bit of attention.  Okay, some may crave for a lot.  But that is not me.  It has been four months since I retired from the Federal government.  In my new life, I get questioned from time to time as what do I do with my time.

This is my 2 minutes of attention or fame, however you would call it.

At the time of my retirement, I posted my vision of what will happen.  Not have been there before, it was my guess or hope what my new life would be.  Did it happen the way I envisioned?  Was I bored out of my scull and ready to go back to work?  Here are answers to those questions.

Conventional wisdom has it that after 6 months of decompressing,  traveling, golfing,  sleeping, etc. folks would get bored of doing “nothing” and be raring to get back to work.  My experience thus far has been different.

I believe there are two types of activities in life: energizers (ones that energize you and put a bounce in your footsteps) and stressors (opposite of energizers, ones  that stress you out and drag your energy level down).

Thus far, I managed to eliminate lots of stressors from my life.  Most of these stressors were collateral duties of holding down a job.  Duties such as the daily grind of the commuter’s blue (alone with that, drowsy drivings), incessant interruptions (very disruptive to personal well-being or productivity), and, in general, mismatches of expectations.

On the energizer front,  I have not only more control of my time but also how I spend them.  I spend my time on important Q2 items.  Items like spending more time with my mom which is important to me, and I have been meaning to do.

So my retirement is what I envisioned.  I am taking care of life, and in return life is taking care of me.  Would I ever go back to work as the way I knew it?  Never.


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