Team Runners Connect – Advise for Off Days From Coach Jamie

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Have you ever seen that shirt Running Sucks? I smile every time I see one of those because I have had moments where I have wanted to toss off my running shoes in frustration only to want to hurry up and grab them back and hold them dearly. In my opinion running never really sucks but some runs can be pretty sucky.

I know we all love the days when we hit the roads or trails and our heads are full of happy running vibes, our legs are peppy, our energy is high, the birds are singing, the sun is out but cool breeze is keeping it pleasant. That is picture of what most would agree would be an ideal and awesome run.

The reality is that most runs will not be that picturesque. If you are training there is a ebb and flow where runs will float between this rare, happy, high energy day, to that so-so feeling where the run is okay, to that was tough and I had to put my head down and just grind it out and to wow I felt so sluggish, my legs wouldn’t move and I am so tired.

What is important is that you realize the sluggish, yucky days are part of the ebb and flow and training. Try not to read too much into these days. They are just off days and everyone has them.

It is important to shake off these days and not to spend much thought on them. Knowing the happy, oh so awesome run is just around the bend!

Run Smart, Run Awesome,

Coach Jamie

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