Day 1 Week 1 – The Big Step

Among runners there is a saying that the hardest step (of running) is the first step.

I hold the same feeling towards today, the first day of the 20 weeks training to come.  I am training for the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, New York.  The race will be on 4 October, coinciding with the end of the 20 weeks training.

You would think with many marathon seasons behind me, what is the big deal about starting yet another one?  It is a big deal because I know exactly what will it take the next 20 weeks for me to get ready to run the Wineglass.

And getting started actually had me worried.  What will my goal be this year? Am I pushing for another BQ (Boston Qualifying)? Will I be able to train properly? The doubt and worrying about if my body can handle the stress . . . et cetera, et cetera.

Worry no more.  I took that first step and survived Day 1.

This morning I went out the house before 8 AM and it was already warm.  The temperature was in the high 60s, pushing for 80s, and tempo runs is what was on the schedule: 2 mile warm up, 4 miles at 8:00 to 8:10, 2 mile cool down.  I decided to take advantage of the warm up by starting slow.

Here are my time:  10:12, 9:40 (w/u), 8:29, 8:18, 7:53, 8:41, (c/d) 10:31, and 14:30.

On a difficulty scale of 1-5, I would rate the run a 3 because of the heat.  And I weighed 155 pounds after the run.

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