Day 3 Week 1 – Striders Did It

Today’s schedule is identical to yesterday’s, except the striders afterwards.  That is: 5 miles easy (9:00 to 9:45) w/4 x 20 sec strides.

My time today was 10:22, 9:19, 9:06, 8:40, 11:23.  Seems I ran a little fast on the fourth mile. Need to double check that mile marker because I did not think I was running that fast.

It was the striders at the end however that really made a difference.  They relaxed my upper body, stretched my legs, and forced me to run on my toes.  Not only it was better for my forms, I was able to feel the difference in my fatigued legs right away.  The striders removed the heavy feeling in my legs almost instantly.

I was glad to have the back-to-back schedules of yesterday and today to contract the difference.  Clicker here to learn more about how to do strides.

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