Day 5 Week 1 – I Believe

I believe in human spirit.  It sets us apart from everything else.

I believe in self reliance.  It gives us individual dignity.

I believe in  finality.  Without it there is no way to value anything.

I believe in contribution.  It is the rent we offer for living on this planet.

I believe in love.  There is no more powerful nor permanent force that we have.

Today’s schedule is an off/rest/recovery day.  So I did yoga.  For me the dual benefits of yoga lie in the body and soul rejuvenation.

With different yoga poses, I work on my core as well as my legs.  Both areas needs attention, but what needed are in opposition.  I strengthen the core so it will help me in better running forms.  I stretch the legs to remove the tension from the running miles.

On the spiritual side, I use my breathing to distill my mind.  With each breath, I condition myself to concentrate on the presence and leave everything off the mat. The goal is restoring the peacefulness  and objectivity of my consciousness.

I believe Life is good.  What do you believe?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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