Day 7 Week 1 – Week In Review – Direct Contact

The beauty of blogging is the opportunity to connect with my inner self directly.

By direct contact, I mean putting thoughts into words and capture them.  The act of articulating confronts the illusive mind and dispels daydreaming, fantasizing, or any other forms of conceptualizing, and allows a truer reach within myself.

In other words, blogging grounds me.  It puts me in touch with my reality, what is happening in the present moment, right here and right now.

It has been a week of my marathon training.  And the progress is good.  Most noticeable change this time around is the quality of my workouts.  The workout schedule is similar to last year. But  I am more conscious about the design of my workout, my execution and my body’s reaction to the stimuli.

The goal remains the same.  It is to develop a pace that my body can confidently run the marathon distance through systemic conditioning.

The difference is that without the pressure of working, I am able to pay more attention to my training.  I achieve better alignment and clarity with the training schedule.  And blogging is a key part of the training.  For that I am grateful.

Summary of week 1 workouts is total 33 miles (tempos and easy runs with some striders added).

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