Day 1 Week 2 – Threshold Intervals

It is Memorial Day here in America.  Because it is a holiday, there is no rush hours traffic, working folks hurried to go to work, none of those.  Instead, the morning is calm and quiet.  Absent of the normal hustle and bustle.

Perfect for today’s threshold interval.  The schedule calls for 2 mile warm up, 4 x 1 mile at 7:30 to 7:40 w/60 seconds rest, 2 mile cool down.  Here are my time:  9:40, 9:12, 7:32, 7:24, 7:24, 7:56, 10:20, 10:56.  And of course the crucial 60 seconds rest in between the intervals.

The 60 seconds rest intervals were crucial for two reasons:  without them I could not have completed the threshold intervals and with them being just short enough,  I achieve the effect of pushing my pace to the threshold limits.   And I was indeed tired as indicated by my time in the last interval and the warm down miles.

I am happy with the workout and give it, on a difficulty scale from 1 – 5, a “4.”  I feel my cardiovascular system is the weak link.  I can push myself more had my cardio muscle is in better shape.  We will see.

Happy Memorial Day America!

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