Day 2 Week 2 – Is it Summer?

Although the summer solstice is still close to a month away, it sure feels like summer has already arrived here in Washington, D.C.  One of those mind body dissonances I can chalk it to life.

Seriously, the temperature is in the 80s and keeps going up.  And depending on where you stand (e.g. in the shade under a tree or in the sun on a cement sidewalk) it can feel a lot worse.  Luckily, the Memorial Day Weekend marks the opening of the community pools in the area.  Perhaps those tiny bodies of water can help to cool the temperate a bit.

Unless you are going to the pools, best to leave the outdoor activities to either early morning or late evening, when the sun is absent and the weather cooler.  That is of course assuming if you have a choice.  And that I do.

For my scheduled 5 miles easy run (9:00 to 9:45), I ran early in the morning.  Even so the sun was already out.  Shining down on me and leaving me a runner’s tan (i.e. white wrist band int he shape of a watch on a otherwise tanned arm).  Any wonder, I opted for the shady side of the road if possible.

My time was 10:25, 9:09, 9:15, 9:02, 9:52.

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