Day 4 Week 2 – Pushing Through Threshold

Bottom line up front – a hard workout today, I rate it 4 on a difficulty scale of 1-5.

Today’s schedule is 2 mile warm up, 4 miles cutdown (8:20, 8:10, 8:00, 7:50, No rest), 2 mile cool down.  What are cutdown runs, you ask?

According Coach Jeff Gaudette of the RunnersConnect, cutdown runs teach one to face fatigue barrier and run even faster.  In other words, pushing through pain.  This is the type of training that I loath doing but understand it is good for me.

Sounds tough? Yes.  It is part of the physiological conditioning that makes a training challenging.  It is physical, mental, and psychological all rolled in to one.

Frankly, I had doubts if I was able to make these cutdown runs happen.  But I simply decided if I was to beat the previous mile by any time was a win.  And my time was: 9:52; 9:36, (8:37, 8:07, 7:45, 7:56), 9:36, 10:17

Obviously, I still need to work on getting a better feel and control of  my pace.  So I don’t have as much of a swing between miles.   No question, the cutdown runs are tough, but I am satisfied with today’s workout.  I will get better and look forward to that improvement.

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