Day 6 Week 2 – Easy Yet Not So Easy

Saturday’s long run of 11 mile at all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45) is today’s schedule.   Sounds pretty easy, right?  In actuality, my run turns out not quite as easy as it sounded.  And it is the weather that made all the difference.

The temperature was in the high 70’s when I started my run.  It got to 80’s when I finished.  And the forecast projected it to push toward 90.  Whew!   Furthermore, there was the sun.

I made a mistake of not applying sun tan lotion, thinking the trail will be shady.  And I was partially right.  For the portion that weren’t, I suffered.  The UV index was very high.  I subsequently slowed down my pace in the interest of not killing myself.

By the time when I finished the run, my arms was tired.  A clear sign that I was struggling with the workout and was using my arms to compensate.  I rate today a “4” on a difficulty scale of 1-5.

My time was 10:28, 9:31, 9:31, 9:40, 9:57, 10:01, 9:23, 10:03, 9:36, 10:32, 10:42

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