Day 1 Week 4 – Hills

The hardest part about today’s hill repeat workout is finding the right hill.  The one with a 6-7% incline and enough run to repeat the intervals.

Here is today’s schedule:  2 mile warm up, 4 x (30 sec uphill at 1 mile 6:30 effort w/jog down rest, 75 sec uphill at 5k effort 7:20, walk down rest), 2 mile cool down.  The rest coincides with the jog and walk down.

I find a few hills around the neighborhood that are steep enough but lack the distance.  Given the uphill workout trains one’s vo2max, the hill needs to be long enough to get the run in.  In my case, that equates to 273 meters or a bit more than quarter of a mile.

Although the precise distance or elevation are not critical, the body does need to feel the effect of the hill workout.  And the hill I ended up choosing is a residential street that is mostly 4% incline with a portion that is between 6-9% incline.

Be that as it may, the hill repeats had me gasping for air toward the end of each interval. I would rate the workout a 2.5 on a difficulty scale of 1-5.

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