Day 2 Week 4 – Run Free

Marathon training schedule for today is 9 miles of easy run.  A perfect day for me to try run-free, a suggestion I received from “granolagirlteacher” about how to re-discover the joy of running.

I am training for the Wineglass Marathon in October.  The training schedule is 20 weeks with built-in progressive workouts that lead all the way to the marathon at the end of the 20 weeks.

Needless to say, the training is not a walk-in-the-park.  No marathon training is. There are pressure to keep up with the training schedule, monitoring progress against that schedule,  adjustments, etc.

I ran today’s 9 miles without my watch as suggested.  And what a difference did that make:

  • first of all, psychological pressure to monitoring my pace was gone; in its place a feeling of unconstrained running
  • landmarks and milestones along the route lost their importance, I ran pass them without much fanfares
  •  my attention was focused more on my running mechanic, through my five senses (not so much in taste)
  • my breathing was smooth and more in sync with my strides

Don’t get me wrong, the effect from yesterday’s hill repeats was there in my legs, and 9 miles is still 9 miles.  But the quality of my run was better.  I appreciated the cool breeze in the morning along with the refreshing morning showers and the gentle rolling terrains.  The run-free made the 9 miles run easier.

It is a wonderful way of getting back in touch with the joy of running and offsetting the pressure of marathon training.   For sure, I will be doing more run-free in the coming weeks.

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One Response to Day 2 Week 4 – Run Free

  1. So glad the suggestion helped! Our bodies were born to run! Sometimes we over think it and rob ourselves of the joy that is our birthright! I am over due for a “run free” -maybe tomorrow!

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