Day 6 Week 4 – Stillness

Sitting in stillness is hard not only for kids but for me as well.  Even though I am over fifty-five, a bit older than the typical kids.

The stillness I am referring to involves intentional acts in both the physical and mental dimensions.  Typically this is referred to as concentration, focus, or meditation.  But to keep it simple, I will stick with stillness.

One may think that sleep fits that category.  Well first, I don’t sleep sitting up.  And two, I have had personal horror stories on how torturous it can be trying to still the mind before going to sleep.

The worst was Sunday nights. When it was time to go to sleep, my mind would has a mind of its own.  Seriously.  Despite all the preparations, darkening the room, drinking warm milk, going to bed on time, etc., my mind would be dashing at supersonic speeds and performing mental gymnastics about the pending work week.  No joke.

Luckily, the situation improved for two reasons:  one, I retired, and two I got better at being still. As an example, today’s run was a 12 mile long run – all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45). Even though it was not a sitting event, I practiced stilling the mind by imagining that I was in a running bubble.

The imagery of running buble helped me to keep my mind  focused inside of the bubble. What is my pace? how is my breathing? Am I getting tired?  And not, how hot and humid it was, how many more miles to go, why wouldn’t geese getting out of my way, etc.  For 12 miles!

Sure, sitting still is a work-in-progress for me.  But I am no longer afraid nor frustrated from practicing it.

How do you sitting still?

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One Response to Day 6 Week 4 – Stillness

  1. Practicing stillness in movement was my entry point in sitting still. I needed to have the movement in my body to still my mind. Now, I sit still in meditation on most mornings. Yes, I move to itch if I have to, but overall — I experience a sense of stillness that grounds me throughout my day.

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