Day 3 Week 5 – Humidity

Weather is one element that runners can no control.  Everything else, like hills, diet, rest, are manageable.  But weather can be the surprise that determines whether one’s marathon outcome is a personal best or worst.

This week, the weather around Washington DC has been oppressive.  Stepping outside in the morning, before taking a single step, I can feel the humidity smothering over me like a “wet” blanket.  It weighs down on me.  And I have to take a breath, sort of getting it off my chest if you will, before starting my run.

Of course, I console myself that this is part of the training.  It is good to train to run in various conditions.  Rain or shine.   That is until I got to southern California and realized there is no humidity there. Zilch.

Talking about what a difference that makes. Today’s 8 miles easy (9:00 to 9:45) w/4 x 20 sec strides in SoCal feels a lot easier than the ones in DC. The dry, desert like weather makes the early morning my choice running time.  It is cool, low humidity, and before the sun comes out.

I rate today’s run a “2” on the difficulty scale of 1-5.

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