Day 6 Week 5 – Long Run In The Valley

Today’s schedule had a 12 mile long run – all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45).  And I planned a 6 miles out-and-back route in a flat part of the San Fernando Valley town of Topenga.

It was a perfect plan.  I had the route all figured out.  During the outbound leg, I saw a bike path. The bike path was asphalt covered and shaded.  What more could I ask?  I decided to follow it.

Except. . . The bike path detoured.  And I was lost. I ended up ran an extra mile, 13 miles in total. One extra mile normally would not be too much of a problem. And I had my water bottle. What I did not realize was in the Valley, the sun and heat rose quickly.

As a result, I got a surprise tan and lots of vitamin D along the way.  All good.

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