Day 3 Week 6 – The Experience Factor

This year while executing my 20 week marathon training,  I am drilling deeper into the workout schedule.  Not just running the prescribed miles and paces, I am gaining more experience in the design of each workout. How do they fit together and why.

This experience reveals many things.  Not only it reminds me that experience counts, and that it plays in the following areas:

  • providing a basis for learning
  • teaching what and how to improve
  • taming fear of unknown
  • serving as credential

We are all creatures of habit. Our experience can guide us if we only open our eyes to it.

Today’s workout is 8 miles easy (9:00 to 9:45) w/4 x 20 sec strides. The 8 miles easy are run-free.  And my striders are getting stronger and faster.

What has your experience taught you?

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2 Responses to Day 3 Week 6 – The Experience Factor

  1. yogaseema says:

    Experience has taught me not to give up and to keep on moving forward, regardless of circumstances, focus on myself, do my best and let go of the results!


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