Day 5 Week 6 – Off Day Search

Fridays have been my off/ rest days from running.  In part, this is designed to give my body a break before the Saturday’s long runs.  Generally, I practice yoga on these days to add emphasis to my core muscles.

Be that as it may, this often is the day I search the web and blog about topics sans running.  And the web is a treasure trove of information and an ideal place for such search.

One area that is of particular favor of mine is how data are utilized in improving human operations.  There are buzz words like big data, analytics that could really make one’s head spin.  But, I am not that geeky.

I like more tangible areas like food (Yelp), weather (MinuteCast), or traffic (Waze).  Topics that affect us on a day-to-day, personal level.  What fascinates me is how data are linked to show trends, opinions, and happening.  It allows us collectively to smartly engage in dialogs on almost any subjects.

Further, given the rise of mobile technology, its portability and ease of use, we are bound to see more data and application development in the foreseeable future.  Stay tune.

What are your favorite web search?

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