Day 7 Week 6 – Week In Review – Mileage

This week I ran a total of 42 miles.

The number of miles I ran is a coarse measure of my marathon training.  It does not tell the story of what the training is about and how am I progressing.

Because not all miles are the same.

There are easy miles, speed workout, tempo interval, strides, long run, etc. And these are from just this week.

The total mileage also does not reflect the pace nor the rest interval. Both are important parts of the marathon training in developing my leg muscles.

So why do I track the number of miles each week?

While it is not an accurate score on the quality of my workouts, the number of miles ran is a common metric that helps runners and others as a frame of reference, like the 10 thousand hours by Malcolm Gladwell.

What other scores do you think are better measures for marathon training?


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