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Is Routine Awareness Oxymoronic

Many activities I do are routines. For example, I run, do my neck exercise, and blog daily.  You can call these activities routines. Routines are important.  We do them as parts of our daily life. Business folks call routines “Standard … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 11 – Pain In the Gas

I seldom get gas pain.  Never while running, until today. During today’s 4 miles easy run, everything was fine.  My pace was good.  Not over exerting myself.  Cruising along enjoying my morning run. Without much warning, the gas pain hit … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 11 – Feeling The Heat

My body hasn’t even warmed up, the sweat is already dripping  down my eye brows.  “It is going to be a great run today,” I say to myself sarcastically.  It is afterall Washington Summer. Today’s four miles easy (9:00 to 9:45) … Continue reading

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Day 2 Week 11 – Back To Basics

“That is just basic,” scoffed this person as if this is a waste of his time. Surely that sentiment is not unique.  How often have you heard that or similar phrases? But here are the questions: How many people get … Continue reading

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Day 1 Week 11 – 4 Mile Cut Down Gone Wild

The best-laid plans of mice and men . . . And there was no excuse: no sun, no humidity, and cool temperature. A perfect weather for my cutdown runs today: 2 mile warm up, 4 miles cutdown (8:20, 8:10, 8:00, 7:50 … Continue reading

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Day 7 Week 10 – Week In Review – Half Way!

Wineglass Marathon is on 4 October 2015 and my marathon for the 2015. Since I started my training on 18 May, 10 weeks ago, day after day, time marches on. And today marks the halfway point in my 20 weeks … Continue reading

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Day 6 Week 10 – 15 Miles

Today’s 15 mile long run, all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45), marks the climb in long run mileage for the marathon training.  Anything over 13 miles, in my opinion, is the sacred territory of distance runners.  You are out there … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 10 – Emotional Pain

As a marathoner, I am experienced with pain.  The physical pain is real but manageable.  Like a badge of honor, I am proud to be able to handle it. But when it comes to emotional pain, marathoners are no better … Continue reading

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Day 4 Week 10 – The Mental Game

Today’s 4 miles easy run is a bit unusual. The weather is nice, the route is the same, and I went about running the usual time.  What different is an appointment I have later in the morning. The nature of … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 10 – A Break From The Heat

DC, Baltimore: Less Humid Air to Replace Sweltering Heat on Wednesday The picture tells the story. The Canadian Northeaster that brought this area so much snow during the winter redeems itself by bringing a relief from the sweltering Summer heat … Continue reading

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