Day 4 Week 7 – Show And Tell

The sky was cloudy or foggy this morning as I peeked out the window.   Not feeling quite rested, I rolled over to snooze a little longer.  The risk of course is the sun could have burnt through and be beaming down on my butt when I eventually wake up.

As luck would have it, I was out of the door fifty minutes later.  And the sky was still overcasted.  My lucky day and perfect for that 6 miles easy run.  On the way, I thought about relationship.

Relationship to me means connection.  On a basic level, you can count your connections, one by one. In addition to our family tree, we now have FB friends, followers, likes, or tweeters, and all the other social network connections.

But out of those beancount, how many are actual personal, quality relationships? Relationship you can put a face to and perhaps a few words about that experience?

Recently, I attended a relative’s wedding in LA.  On that day, I gained a whole bunch new relatives.  Frankly, these relationships were more like one day beyond strangers. But they are my relatives.

Oh well, that was my run this morning. Be well and safe.

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