Day 4 Week 9 – How Long Should Marathon Training Long Run Be?

Another 4 mile easy run today.

There are several differences in my marathon training plan this year.  The most notable one being that I have no long run greater than 18 miles.  Yes, no long run greater 18 miles!

This is a somewhat controversial point compared to the traditional training plans which usually include 20-22 miles or more as the longest run.

Psychologically, the 20-22 mile marks the “wall” in running marathons. Having conquered the wall during training, one would rely on the metabolic conditioning from the speed work to complete the remaining 5-6 miles.  So goes the traditional theory.

My training plan represents a different approach.  An approach built on the theory of accumulative fatigue (i.e. the total weekly distance is more important and safer than a single long run). It is new and different from what I have done in the past years.

I am interested in your opinion on this approach. Please share your thought and vote below:

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2 Responses to Day 4 Week 9 – How Long Should Marathon Training Long Run Be?

  1. ruthbrajevich says:

    If it works for you go for it. I usually go up to 20 twice and that is enough


  2. golddh says:

    Of course whatever works for you. Personally I feel more prepared when I have longer runs under my belt. I usually do 1-2 20s and 1-2 22s. When I get to the race I feel really comfortable with the distance.


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