Day 1 Week 10 – Threshold Intervals

When I got outside just after 6 am this morning, it was already humid.  I cringed.  Got an interval workout scheduled, threshold intervals no less.  Well, maybe I just had to slow down a bit, thinking to myself.

Today’s schedule: 2 mile warm up, 3 x 1.5 miles at 7:40 to 7:30 pace w/90 seconds rest, 2 mile cool down.  I was warned that this workout is not for the faint of heart.  It combined speed workout with aerobic development by going at a faster paced interval with a shorter rest period. In this case, 90 seconds.

For the 1,5 miles intervals, I ran a half mile course back and forth.  For half mile, the 7:40 to 7:30 pace equates 3:45 to 3:40.  And my times were in half miles: 3:13/3:32/3:26 ( avg 6:47  pace), 3:25/3:33/3:35 ( avg 7: 02 pace), and 3:29/3:37/3:35 (avg 7:08 pace).

I ran faster than the schedule.  That was a bit of surprise to me given how humid it was.  I ran consistently (except the first interval – 6:47 pace was more like a speed development run for me, not really sustainable). Subsequent repeats were close in paces (7:02 and 7:08) as I tried to maintain my cadence.

Wished I had a way to measure my lactic acid build up from the first interval, how my body processed it, and if my fitness level improved.  I suppose only time will tell.

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