Day 2 Week 10 – Recovery Run

Each day I wake up, there are things waiting for me to do. Not different from most people, I suppose. What differs on my to-do list from most others, I surmise, are my marathon training, retirement transition, and blogging.

This morning, my legs are heavier than normal, accumulative fatigue from yesterday’s threshold intervals. In fact, my entire body feels lethargic  Maybe it is the humid air that draped over me like a wet blanket or the cicada humming in full force like a Summer lullaby.

Nevertheless, I put on my running shoes, going for today’s 4 mile easy run. It is good for my legs to recover, I convince myself.  So, I head out down the neighborhood street.

Along the route, there are folks at the bus stops, in their cars, or walking purposefully.  Many are dressed in work attire, not the tank top and short I fashioned myself in.  I can relate because I have been there and done that before retiring this January.

In the words of James Thurbur, all men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from and to and why.  I therefore take my time, doing my recovery run at my own pace.  Life is good as my legs start to get loose.

And that brings me to this blog post. For nine and half weeks now, it has been my training journal for the Wineglass Marathon (4 October 2015).  I enjoy sharing my training schedule, progress or not, and any lessons.  It is part of my daily rituals, witness to my life, and here you have it.

Have a great day!


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