Day 4 Week 10 – The Mental Game

Today’s 4 miles easy run is a bit unusual. The weather is nice, the route is the same, and I went about running the usual time.  What different is an appointment I have later in the morning.

The nature of my appointment is unimportant.  The fact it is on my mind, takes my focus away from running, has me noticing how the mental focus affects our behaviors and more importantly changes the outcomes.

Ellen Langer, a Harvard Professor, seems to think so.  She has experimented with changing perceptions and effects on aging, fitness.  Here is Dr. Langer in a CBS interview:  can your mental attitude reverse the effect of aging?

Do you agree that perception is reality?

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2 Responses to Day 4 Week 10 – The Mental Game

  1. I think there is a great deal to the concept of mind over matter. Take labour, for example. Of course, it is a physical process to get the baby out of the body, but in my experience, my mental state has had a lot to do with the timing and the intensity… with my last child, I went into labour on day which was most convenient for us (regarding childcare for the others) and the contractions, while strong and definitely noticeable and consistent, didn’t start in earnest until we drove into the carpark of the birth centre. He was born 90 minutes later. I’m sure that part of that was due to not wanting to give birth beforehand. I’m not saying we have complete control over things like this, obviously! But there is a lot of perception involved. A lot of will. More than we think, perhaps.

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    • terryshen says:

      Absolutely agree, Rebecca. The mind-body connection is amazing. It transcends the compartmented science and epitomizes the holistic nature of our human beings. Dr. Langer is onto this connection. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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